Fitting Room

Fitting Room


Fittting Room- Lingerie


''More and more women are grasping the fact that having a bra that fits you properly really is worth it!''

Gok Wan's TV programme 'How to look good naked' has done wonders for the self esteem of women of all ages teaching them how to appreciate there bodies whatever their size or shape.

We now have lots more customers who want to make the most of what they have got and we are experienced in dealing with all Shapes, Sizes and Body issues whether its:

  • One Breast smaller than the other
  • Weight gain on your breasts from any kind of hormone treatment
  • Weight loss resulting in breast taking on a sloped shape
  • Soft / Loose skin on the under arm or back area
  • Sloping shoulder resulting in straps falling of your shoulders
  • Bra straps too long even on the shortest adjustment
  • Inbetween bra sizes on your underband measurement

If you are concerned about any of the above we deal with these problems everyday in our boutique so please come and see us if you can.

Even if you know your size in one brand please be aware that another may fit entirely differently.